Codester Free Files of the Week 13

Grab free products of the 13th Week



1- Colorful World Logo Template

Logo Template : 100% Vector logo Resizable Color & Text are Editable CMYK



2- Phoenix – Colorful Logo Template

Logo is created in Adobe Illustrator. It is fully editable and scalable without losing resolution.



3- Daily Jokes iOS Application

If you have recently purchased a developer subscription to the Apple or plan to do it. If you are thinking of where to start your development career for iOS. Then this application is perfect for you!

Have daily fun with Daily Jokes the incredible daily funniest jokes app for your smartphone which offers you read daily funny clean jokes. If you like to joke and discover funny clean jokes, then this is the right entertainment app for you. The funny jokes is native and beautiful, easy to use and it offers a wide collection of the best jokes to read on a daily basis.

If you have jokes of your own, then this jokes app gives you the ability to create your personal collection of jokes!
– Fancy user interface for you to read each joke easily
– Share jokes with friends just by one click.



4- Coloring Ball – Unity and Playmaker Template

This project brings you the solid game foundation of Unity using the famous Unity Virtual Scripting Plugin “Playmaker”. So in order to use this project you should have purchased Playmaker plugin which can be found here:

This is a good opportunity to start learning Unity if you haven’t got any Unity experience or lacking in C# coding which Unity uses, because this project is done totally using playmaker and combines the simplicity and the bauty of Hyper Casual Game Making. Please do not take this project for granted rather see it as opportunity to learn how Unity works if you want to make your next hyper casual game and test it with your favorite game publisher.




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