Codester Free Files of the Week 9

Grab free products of the 9th Week


1- Bird Web To Android – App Template

“Bird Web-app” provides you with the opportunity to convert your web-site or web-application into an Android application without any difficulties and without programming skills. Also, this solution gives you the great way for monetization of your project via Google AdMob in-app advertisement!



2- Floating Action Buttons – Pure CSS3

Floating Action Buttons is a clean, customizable solution for creation different sets of the floating action buttons. Floating Action Buttons relies only on CSS/HTML and comes with lots customization options and much more.



3- Simple Secure Contact Form With reCAPTCHA

A simple contact form that will help website owners against bots and spam.  It will validates human users using reCAPTCHA.




4- POS And Inventory Management System Software

This is the Point of Sale (POS) & Inventory management system for small ,medium & large company(Extended Version). In this POS and Inventory management system You will have the products information with selling price, buying price,category and subcategory.The products will be used as item and at the purchase time You can add multiple items and suppliers info and general the Sale time you can add multiple items and customers info and general information.You can print out the pdf formatted invoice.




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