PieceX Free Files of the Week 13

Grab free products of the 13th Week



1- Scrolling Single Page Template

This project is a layout / template for a single page with scrolling content. These pages are now very popular for websites with low content. Creating a page like that is very easy and will be very quickly accomplished, using this template.




2- News Website Template

Make your own news website for general or specific niche news! Simply download this template and get started. It provides everything you need. Fully working database. PHP interface. HTML & CSS structure. Using MySQL.




3- 3D CSS Pack 1 Slider Pack

This is a pack of multiple example templates on how to use advanced CSS transformation for modern 3D effects and use cases. 3D Sliders to show case content, for selecting, showing topics, images, photos. Anything !
This pack includes: Slider 1: A 3D slider featuring 6 elements. Slider 2: A 3D slider that is more flexible but less fancy.




4- Hero Slider Web Module

This is a modern web element for any website. Maybe you want to show different Heroes as your top eye-catching element. If so, why not use a slider. This slider can show different heroes, controlled via mouseover event. Use as many slides / heroes as you wish. Add titles, sub titles, description text, images. Images will scale to the bounding box. Easy to use. Mouse over will change the hero with animation.





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