Piecex Free Files of The Week 20

Grab free products of the 20th Week


1- BlendMe Carbon Photo Lab Double Exposure – Android App

BlendMe – Carbon Photo Lab – Double Exposure is a best Blend, Double Exposure apps.

Carbon Photo Lab – Double Exposure using make photo mountain, building photo, natural art photo, blending photo artist photo.




2- CrypTop ICO Landing and CryptoCurrency WordPress Theme

CrypTop is a clean and functional WordPress theme dedicated to multiple types of digital business. It offers many various possibilities which will help you easily create a beautiful, stunning and unique website.We have developed this comprehensive WordPress theme to deliver everything you’re looking for from a cryptocurrency and investments consulting website. It’s tailored to your needs and to the expectations of your clients.The theme looks great on tablets and mobile devices due to its responsive design and retina graphics. It comes loaded with various page types, wide and boxed layouts, includes unlimited color schemes, great amount of fonts, icons and more.Highest quality of code, extended and easy-to-read documentation, prompt and qualified support are the key features CrypTop is standing out with.




3- News Website Template

Make your own news website for general or specific niche news!
Simply download this template and get started. It provides everything you need.
Fully working database.
PHP interface.
HTML & CSS structure.
Using MySQL.

This project uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to provide a simple to use template for making websites like this. Frameworks used: Jquery and Lity.




4- React Native SideMenu App

React Native SideMenu application template.
Allows you to build nice looking React Native application in 10 minutes.
You can add/remove pages and link them to the side menu very easily!



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