Piecex Free Files of The Week 25

Grab free products of the 25th Week



1- Credit Card Checker Angular

Enter a Credit Card number in the input field to check the validity and issuer informations. The analyse will be done in realtime. The datas will be updated automatically when modifying the card number.



2- Keypad Lock Screen iOS Lock Screen

Keypad Lock screen & Live Wallpaper is one of the best parallax effect Lock Keypad Lock Screen is Same as Like Photo keypad lock screen & Live Wallpaper, Best lock screen, Lock screen photo, Lock screen keypad, Lock screen passcode. Keypad Lock screen & & Live Wallpaper have a also live wallpaper live 3D. This app have a Lock Screen And also As a Live Wallpaper use on your beautiful Mobile Screen. The application is really simple and easy to use, you just select function allows key, then enter password so that your device is protected.



3- Web Grid Portfolio Website Layout

This project is a web portfolio, made using CSS, HTML and JavaScript.The layout of the portfolio is a grid design made up from tiles, in which each tile corresponds to an item that can be shown off in the portfolio. Click any tile will show information on that item.


4- Restaurant Ordering Tablet


Front-end tablet ui template for restaurants. Many restaurants have switched from paper menus to ordering with digital tablets, making it easy to browse and order without the need of a waiter, while impressing the customer. Comes with over 25 free stock images of dishes. This is a easy to use template for such a pproject. Possible to use with ElectronJS or in fullscreen mode on a tablet, for native experience.




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