Piecex Free Files of The Week 27

Grab free products of the 27th Week



1- Birthday Photo Frame

Make this a perfect greeting cards for you and people surrounding you. This is an easy used application and you will in love with it once you try it. It brings you so much convenience and by simply just few clicks. You will be happy using this app as you do not see complicated steps.




2- iPhone Mirror Case Selling  HTML Template

iPhone Mirror Case Selling  HTML Template




3- Twitter Word Clouds

Generate visual representations for words to show the most used words from tweets. Word clouds can help to easily and quickly assessed the data from a user, and represent the data in a simple way: easier for the everyday user to understand. Visual representations tend to have a positive impact and create interest amongst your audience. Add visual representation to the data and help to provide an overall sense of the text by using Word Clouds.




4- Puzzle Block Game Template

Game Template which can be used for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, IOS and more using Unity. Grab blocks from the bottom, drag them and let go on the board. If the placement is valid, it will be placed. This is a Unity template for creating puzzle games with blocks, filling up rows or columns. This project features sprites, many background layers, sound effects, particle effects, music and all the code, this template provides a fully working basic prototype.




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