Piecex Free Files of The Week 28

Grab free products of the 28th Week

1- Bootstrap PHP AJAX Contact Form

The contact form which is include AJAX PHP, it can be used as a multipurpose for your website, install and enjoy



2- DSLR HD Camera 4K HD Ultra Camera

DSLR HD Camera use for capture a lovely moment with HD image capture with more beautiful and like a DSLR Photo and Resolution.

DSLR HD Camera is a compliantly free and fully features available for phone and tablet and also sipported 4K & 2K Resolution. DSLR HD Camera : 4K HD Ultra Camera With DSLR Camera You cane capture amazing picture quality and resolution and also support a blure effect, HDR Effect, Quick Response to Capture, Intelligently Face Detection, HD Camera, HD camera recording, choose camera and video quality and resolution, HD image capture feature, Manual focusing distance, Turn off the optional shutter sound and Flash Light Can Used Camera Time and Video Recording also in 4K.



3- Music Player Streaming Desktop App Template

This is a template for a music streaming application. Some of the features include: – Media controls / UI built completely from scratch – Music library – History – Jump forward and backward, skip around/seek – Play local files, stream files – Search/filter by title or various tags like instruments or feel.



4- Smart Code Helper AUTOMATIC code Suggestions

Smart Code Helper is a desktop app, using Electron, which is a code editor that automatically offers suggestions, help and solutions to the developer while working. Automatically, the program will look at the current line of code and will search for suggestions online or the developer may select any part of the code and manually start this process with the selected part.





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